drone truck

How Can Drone Delivery Disrupt the Truck Industry?

We used to explore drones for taking photos or making wonderful videos. However, there are many other options where drones can be also used. For example, drone trucks are able to deliver packages. Moreover, the drone trucks can serve to deliver mails, move equipment to remote industrial facilities, like oil rigs without pilots. As you…

drone flying laws

Drone Flying Laws

Despite the growing popularity of drones in both commercial and consumer market, many people still have this question in mind “Are drones legal”? If you are also one of them and drone legality is a major concern for you, you will find everything you need to know about drone laws. A person buying a drone…


Drone Sales Statistics

Drone cameras have become popular than ever due to their widespread use in diverse sectors and fields. Gone are the days when they were only used for event coverages and entertainment purposes, their commercial use is now providing lots of benefits to its users. A prominent use of drone cameras has seen a rise in…


Application of Drones in the Food Processing Industry

Ever since the introduction of unmanned robots capable of flying called drones was invented, they are being used in every single industry on the planet. Drones have a wide range of applications and these mini helicopters can be easily controlled using a device, which is very much similar to a joystick. The user-friendliness of drones…


Drones Replace Human Waiters

The service industry is one of the very few industries where humans can never be replaced. An example of such jobs is the job of a waiter at the restaurant. Although technology has evolved in a lot of ways and replaces humans in almost every possible field, the service sectors still remain an exception. However,…

drones help farmers with weed control

How Can Drones Help Farmers with Weed Control?

There are different farming issues that are hard to be controlled using traditional farming methods. Although adopting the latest technology has helped to combat most of these issues, yet there are certain issues that still need to be tackled. This includes the issue of applying blanket solutions on the whole field and waste of resources.…

how to ship a drone

How to Ship a Drone?

Everyone likes to travel and familiarize himself with new marvelous places a lot. It is a real pleasure to discover new sites for yourself, especially, if you frequently have a trip to different locations. Moreover, it brings more satisfaction to capture the beauty of each place you visit. Every avid photographer does not let himself…

dji mavic pro review

DJI Mavic Pro Review

DJI Mavic Pro battery life: 24 min max speed: 40 mph onboard camera: yes controller type: remote Currently, there is a big variety of drones, having different characteristics and functions. The main aim of a good drone is to shot great videos and make bright, clear and colorful photos. DJI Mavic Pro review shows that this is a…

dji spark drone

DJI Spark Drone Review

DJI Spark battery life: 16 min max speed: 31 mph onboard camera: yes controller type: remote The company DJI has produced and expanded a large line of its quadcopters. The compact DJI Spark is the first mini-drone of the company. The weight of DJI Spark drone is only 300 grams, and it is even much more compact than…