drones help farmers with weed control

How Can Drones Help Farmers with Weed Control?

There are different farming issues that are hard to be controlled using traditional farming methods. Although adopting the latest technology has helped to combat most of these issues, yet there are certain issues that still need to be tackled. This includes the issue of applying blanket solutions on the whole field and waste of resources.…

how to ship a drone

How to Ship a Drone?

Everyone likes to travel and familiarize himself with new marvelous places a lot. It is a real pleasure to discover new sites for yourself, especially, if you frequently have a trip to different locations. Moreover, it brings more satisfaction to capture the beauty of each place you visit. Every avid photographer does not let himself…

dji mavic pro review

DJI Mavic Pro Review

DJI Mavic Pro battery life: 24 min max speed: 40 mph onboard camera: yes controller type: remote Currently, there is a big variety of drones, having different characteristics and functions. The main aim of a good drone is to shot great videos and make bright, clear and colorful photos. DJI Mavic Pro review shows that this is a…

dji spark drone

DJI Spark Drone Review

DJI Spark battery life: 16 min max speed: 31 mph onboard camera: yes controller type: remote The company DJI has produced and expanded a large line of its quadcopters. The compact DJI Spark is the first mini-drone of the company. The weight of DJI Spark drone is only 300 grams, and it is even much more compact than…

dji mavic pro platinum drone

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Review

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum battery life: 30 min max speed: 40 mph onboard camera: yes controller type: remote DJI has designed a new drone, called DJI Mavic Pro Platinum. You may have a lot of questions, concerning this drone features, design, its camera and battery power. You may ask: “What are the main DJI Mavic Pro Platinum…